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Khao Lak Wallpaper
Posted by on January 11th 2013 in Media
Beddo owner Marius Hoppensack went on a trip with Benny Korthaus and Marc Ruesing to Thailand to find some nice riding spots and take a look at the culture. They brought a lot new pics back to europe and one of those pics is the today´s Beddo Wallpaper! Also check out their Trip video by Peoplegrapher:

Pic by: Sebastian Lehmann 


Beddo Bar 44,95€
Beddo Stem 59,95€
Beddo NEAT 419,95€
Beddo Catch-it Grips 9,95€
Beddo Headset 29,95€
Beddo Robo-Seat 29,95€

Get the pic big-size on the following link: