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New distribution
Posted by on December 18th 2012 in Tech
We proudly present our new distribution in for Latvian, Estonia and Lithuania called S-POt! For us as a rider owned brand it is very important to have a distribution which is managed by competent people who know the bikeriding scene and feel the needs! Gusts is the man of S-POt and today we feature this Latvian Legend with an interview!

Introduce yourself.

Hey! My name is Gusts Ošmucnieks, i come from small country called Latvia. I am 20 and more years old, and i am little bit washed-out MTB rider, shop manager, freestyle skier, DJ, model, event organizator. Still single. Still living my dream. Still fucking around.

Do you ride on your own?

In spite of that i am doing many other things beside riding bike, like managing bike shop, organisating DH events, playing music as a DJ, modeling, i still have a time to ride bikes. I started like 10 years ago riding my bike more extremely way, then just from point A to B. Now i ride all kind of stuff. Starting from skateparks, dirts, streets. As a DH event organizator also some DH and FR . I ride my bikes every day. Is it to work and back home, or just open my shop doors and ride in Monsterpark (biggest indoor skatepark in Baltics), or go with my buddies to jump dirts, or after job go and hit the streets. Its always nice to switch bikes from hardtail to full suspension and go ride some forest tralis or find some FR activities. Bike is my everyday routine.

What´s your favorite reason to ride bikes?

I would like to say that there is no such a special reason, this is already lifestyle. But what i like most in bike lifestyle? I like to travel, meet new people, see new places, get known with different cultures. Riding bike is your freedom. Its like art. How you ride your bike, and how you can Express yourself with ridieng bike, and show yourself to others. Be artistic!

What´s the reason you start your distribution/shop?

Couple of year ago economical situation here in Baltics was pretty fucked up, and also me as many other locals wanted to leave Latvia to go and find some luck aboard. But then one of my best friends came to me and said, come and help me to manage shop, dont leave Latvia, stay here, lets start with small things and then lets grow larger and larger. I believed and stayed here, and you know what?... i dont regret that, my decision to stay here and manage shop was the one of the best steps in my life. Now i can combine work with my passion to bikes. Awsome!


What´s your favorite project you have done with your distribution?

There is no such as fav Project. I would like to say that every Project and working with some brand is different. Its like new relationships, new challanges, new contacts. From every Project I learn something, and gives me new retrospective ideas to share with others.

Where did you saw Beddo the first time?

I saw Beddo in internet before, some video and photo footage. At first it was brand as many other brands nowadays, but then all impression changed, when I visited Eurobike Expo in Germany this year, when i met with brand owner Marius, and
2 most crazyest riders out there Max and Anton. And you know what? Beddo is not at all like many others out there.

What do you like about Beddo?

Most i like the idea that Brand managers and owners are riders also. They now what is best, what riders like best, what they want and what not.


What will be your goal distributing Beddo?

My goal to work with Beddo is to introduce local and near riders to this brand, provide them with newest and best products from Beddo, work together with brand to help them grow larger, develope new products and tell about tendences here. Be part of Beddo family, if i can say like that ;)

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