Der Warenkorb ist leer
Posted by Thomas Fritscher on October 27th 2011 in About

Beddo – What's up?

Since 2002, i spend nearly every day on my bike, to do the sport i love the most. I always saw a lot of things on my bike, i would like to do in a different way. Beddo finally gives me the opportunity, to put all my ideas into parts, to build the perfect stuff for the way i ride.

Jochen Buchholz is our technical drawer. In earlier days Trailrider (10th place UCI world ranging) and one of the first german riders, who did a Tailwhip on a Mountainbike. These days he is still a very ambitious Bmx rider. Together, we think about the technical transformation from new ideas to a new product. Together with Till Overwien (his name should be well known anyway) i´m doing the designs.Pierre Grawitter (one of the first rider doing 360Tailwhips, 720s, frontflips and flairs on a mountainbike) is the guy who helps me with decisions like: “What should be the next project? Is this product ready for production?…”. Pierre always wants to have it perfect, so he is the perfect guy for this part. My deal is to bring everything together and and coordinate the production. In the end, i test all products on my own, to check the perfect function and persistence.

Everyone who is dealing with the production of Beddo products are on the one hand spezialists in their department and on the other hand passionated bikerider, who bring the sport to the point he is right now and got always the whole goal of the product in their minds:
To put the experience, they collect in numberless houres on their bike, into new accessoires for even this kind of bikeriding!

Marius Hoppensack